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Labrador Antique Granite:
Photo Details: The labrador antique granite that is used to create this workspace perfectly displays the versatility of this brown granite. The rich brown colored granite elegantly highlights the stainless steel prep sink and chrome accents. The labrador antique slab provides unlimited style.
Country of Origin: Norway   |    Colors: Brown, Blue    |    Other Names: Brown Antic, Brown Shade, Falcon Eye, Labrador Antic, Labrador Antico, Labrador Antik, Labrador Antiqe, Labrador Antique, Lavrador Antique, Mahogany Blue Eyes, Spektrolit Brown, Spektrolite Brown
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rich labrador brown colored granite Labrador Antique Granite

Labrador Antique Granite
The sleek lines of this antique brown granite countertop provides a look of elegance...
Antique Labrador Granite
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Brown Kitchen
The beautiful warm colors of the labrador antique granite showcase the...
Brown Granite Countertop
The fantastic labrador antique granite slab that sits atop this center island...
Brown Granite
The brown labrador antique granie slab that covers the center island in this...
Brown Antique Granite
The large brown labrador antique granite slab on the center island in this kitchen...